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Fiverr Friday – Showers

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Best. Five Dollars. Ever.
** Fiverr Friday explanation located on the right of this page **

One of our biggest bragging factors is that we don’t advertise. All of our clients come from word of mouth of other clients that used our photo booth and loved our service so much that they referred their friends and family needing a photo booth for their upcoming event.

That being said, we’ve decided to toss some cash towards advertising but instead of the traditional ads or commercials, we thought it would be much more entertaining to get the fine people at to advertise our business. Each Friday check in to see which Fiverr user was chosen to advertise our business.

THIS WEEK: We wanted to find a way to drive home the idea that photo booths aren’t just for weddings and birthday parties. We have been honored to provide a photo booth for both engagement and baby SHOWERS in the past. If you have a baby bump and want to add a little fun to your party and remember the event with photos that will last a lifetime, contact us today.

(Click Photo Booth is not waterproof — will not operate if placed in actual shower)

New Business Cards

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So excited to show off our newly designed business cards. We went with using our logo overlayed onto one of our favorite photos taken inside the photo booth. The thing that catches most peoples attention is not the storm trooper believe it or not, but the “sharpness” of the popcorn as it’s falling in action. We take pride in the technical components we use inside our booth and ensure that the photos that are taken are sharp and clear without blurred faces, or more importantly, blurred popcorn.

On the back, we decided to advertise our referral special. If you know of anyone throwing a special event where a photo booth would add that extra bit of entertainment, send them our way and we’ll send you $50 upon booking.


VOWS Residents Discount

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Do you just so happen to live in one of the most awesome neighborhoods known as VOWS or Villages of Woodland Springs?

If so, you are lucky enough to share the same neighborhood as the owner of Click Photo Booth. Which means that you are entitled to $75 OFF any of our packages for your next wedding, birthday party, school or corporate event.

 Having a small house party within VOWS? 

If your party takes place inside of our awesome neighborhood you are entitled to 50% OFF any package. Book your date early to guarantee your date is available.


Pictures are our lifeline to the past. One look at them immediately reminds us of the fun we were having when the picture was taken, the family and friends we spent time with and the special people we were honoring as they got married, turned a year older or shared another major event with us.

Give your guests a favor that they will want to keep forever — beautiful, unique pictures with your custom message or logo that will always remind them of your party or event. Let Click Photo Booth make your event one that your guests will never forget. From weddings and birthday parties to school or corporate events, having a Click Photo Booth will set your party apart from the rest and create an experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Fiverr Friday (99 minus 98 luftballons)…without the “luft”

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Best. Five Dollars. Ever.
** Fiverr Friday explanation located on the right of this page **

So this is the first installment of, hopefully, an ongoing experiment involving the random selection of a user to help promote Click Photo Booth (

I’m really hoping the website servers don’t crash after all the exposure I’m going to get after this balloon ad! Not only will pretty much everyone in this gentleman’s city be able to clearly read the company name written on this massive balloon…but all the viewers of this video will clearly be able to make out the .00010th of a second flash of the company name on the front of this balloon! I just hope the servers can handle the sudden rush of the millions of people flooding in!

I’m also especially glad that everyone can see that he included the website on the back of the balloon as requested. Well, perhaps you can’t “see” the website, but if you concentrate on the pen movement you can make out the www part…which is just as good. Website addresses are so overated nowadays anyway.


Help Me, Help You

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Please don’t sue me Jerry Maguire!

I’ve been asked in the past, “Besides having such an awesome, top of the line, sleek and epic photo booth at my party…How can a photo booth help me grow my business?” (okay maybe I’m embellishing that first part just a bit)

Picture this…(no pun intended) You’re throwing a huge grand opening party for your new business. You want your guests to walk away remembering your company name. No doubt the photo booth alone will definitely make them remember the fun times they had at your event. However, you want them to walkaway with something in hand that when they see it monthly, weekly, even daily your name will be there, in their face, reminding them of your company . Sure you could buy pens or magnets or other little knick knacks with your name on it, but what happens when that pen runs out of ink? The same with all the other pointless non sentimental items…they end up at the bottom of the trashcan.

People tend to hold on to pictures for a lifetime. To remember the good times they had with friends and family. And when they look up at their cork-board or open their photo album to reminisce of that special night….your company logo and website will be right there at the bottom of their photo strip constantly reminding them of what business it was that was so loving and caring to think of providing a photo booth to preserve these images of their close friends and family.

Okay so maybe they won’t be so sentimental about it, but your name will always be in the back of their head every time they look at their photo strip.

That is just one scenario. Feel free to use our booths however your heart desires to ensure that your guests walk away remembering your name. The booth is completely customize-able! Change the backdrop to an image of your logo repeating over and over like the famous Hollywood red carpet photos, swap out the panels of the booth to display your logo and business information, change the border and background colors to match your company colors or pattern.

Whatever your mind can imagine, we are willing to help customize the booth to suit your needs. Just let us know your ideas and how we can help.

Peter + Jessica

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As luck would have it, Jessica ran into me when I was actually setting up a photo booth for another wedding at The Mill in Denton, TX.  I offered to let her take the booth for a test drive and she must have liked it because the next thing you know I’m setup in the same location 2 months later for her own wedding!

The reception was great, and all of their family and friends seemed to have had a blast with the booth. If you were able to attend the reception and had a chance to hop in the booth, you can find your pictures by clicking the link below.

Peter + Jessica


Feel free to tag yourself if you can determine who’s who underneath all those props!
Thank you again Peter & Jessica for allowing me to be a part of your special day!

Who, What, Where, Huh?

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You may be wondering just how I got started in the photo booth business.  The story is quite simple, actually.  Any one who knows me personally, knows my addiction to finding strange and bizarre gigs on Craigslist.  I’ve helped people move furniture for coupon books; given people rides from the airport to their homes; taste tested fried chicken for $$$; dealt black jack for casino party companies; helped someone find a missing metal piece of their lawnmower in a field by buying a metal detector, finding the piece, collecting the reward, then returning the metal detector. Okay so that last one was kind of shady, but I’m $20 richer and it’s not like Walmart is really hurting because of it…

The most recent gig which more or less became a second job for me, was when I answered an ad for someone needing a photo booth attendant for every Saturday night.  Very simple gig, just stand there and explain to people how the booth works and pass out the photo strips after guests take their picture. After a year of learning the ropes and troubleshooting every possible problem that could go wrong with the booth, camera, computer, printer, lighting, etc… I felt it was time for me to pursue my own photo booth business and utilize the connections I’ve made in previous endeavors to get my business rolling.

There’s always room for improvement, you know-it’s the biggest room in the house.

Although the craigslist photo booth gentleman had a fine quality booth, I found myself feeling somewhat like Steve Jobs when he decided to reinvent the MP3 player with the Ipod, in that I felt that there is always room for improvement.  I found a very trustworthy and reliable builder to build a sturdy, sleek and streamlined booth to my specifications, researched what the most reliable and simple inner technological components to use,  slapped some curtains on it and thus, Click Photo Booth was born.

My first event was a wedding, and nervous doesn’t even convey the feeling I was feeling. I mean, this is the bride and groom’s special day, and you only get one chance at it.  I really wanted everything to go perfect without any mishaps to make their day as fun as possible. After a week of stomach butterflies and second guessing myself the event was a success and the bride and groom were ecstatic to see what a hit the booth was for their guests!

Since then it’s been smooth sailing and I haven’t had one upset client to date! (knock on wood)