Fiverr Friday (99 minus 98 luftballons)…without the “luft”

By September 13, 2013Fiverr Friday
Best. Five Dollars. Ever.
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So this is the first installment of, hopefully, an ongoing experiment involving the random selection of a user to help promote Click Photo Booth (

I’m really hoping the website servers don’t crash after all the exposure I’m going to get after this balloon ad! Not only will pretty much everyone in this gentleman’s city be able to clearly read the company name written on this massive balloon…but all the viewers of this video will clearly be able to make out the .00010th of a second flash of the company name on the front of this balloon! I just hope the servers can handle the sudden rush of the millions of people flooding in!

I’m also especially glad that everyone can see that he included the website on the back of the balloon as requested. Well, perhaps you can’t “see” the website, but if you concentrate on the pen movement you can make out the www part…which is just as good. Website addresses are so overated nowadays anyway.




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