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Please don’t sue me Jerry Maguire!

I’ve been asked in the past, “Besides having such an awesome, top of the line, sleek and epic photo booth at my party…How can a photo booth help me grow my business?” (okay maybe I’m embellishing that first part just a bit)

Picture this…(no pun intended) You’re throwing a huge grand opening party for your new business. You want your guests to walk away remembering your company name. No doubt the photo booth alone will definitely make them remember the fun times they had at your event. However, you want them to walkaway with something in hand that when they see it monthly, weekly, even daily your name will be there, in their face, reminding them of your company . Sure you could buy pens or magnets or other little knick knacks with your name on it, but what happens when that pen runs out of ink? The same with all the other pointless non sentimental items…they end up at the bottom of the trashcan.

People tend to hold on to pictures for a lifetime. To remember the good times they had with friends and family. And when they look up at their cork-board or open their photo album to reminisce of that special night….your company logo and website will be right there at the bottom of their photo strip constantly reminding them of what business it was that was so loving and caring to think of providing a photo booth to preserve these images of their close friends and family.

Okay so maybe they won’t be so sentimental about it, but your name will always be in the back of their head every time they look at their photo strip.

That is just one scenario. Feel free to use our booths however your heart desires to ensure that your guests walk away remembering your name. The booth is completely customize-able! Change the backdrop to an image of your logo repeating over and over like the famous Hollywood red carpet photos, swap out the panels of the booth to display your logo and business information, change the border and background colors to match your company colors or pattern.

Whatever your mind can imagine, we are willing to help customize the booth to suit your needs. Just let us know your ideas and how we can help.



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