The photo booth, or “PeeBee” as we call her, is pictured below. The structure itself is made out of very strong and sturdy materials to ensure maximum stability around young kids, elderly people, or guests who may have had a little too much from the open bar at your wedding!

All the inner mechanical components are hidden by black panels to create a sleek streamlined booth that will fit in with any decorations at your event. The top portion is where the state of the art camera and flash sit. The white portion is actually a flash diffuser to ensure that your pictures don’t make you look washed out from a direct flash. The middle section houses the touchscreen monitor that your guests will choose if they want black & white or color photos. After the start button is pressed, the program will then walk them through the automatic process (letting them know how many photos are left and when to exit the booth, etc…) Also located in this compartment is our high quality photostrip printer. The photos print within 10-15 seconds after the last picture is taken, and are pre-cut so that the guest can keep a copy and leave one for you, or they can keep both copies. The bottom section is the most fascinating section…it holds all the cords….(sarcasm)

The booth itself with the curtains is 36 inches wide X 52 inches deep X 78 inches high. This gives plenty of room to break the Guinness Book of World Records for how many people can fit in the photo booth. Be sure to check out our Instagram regularly as we take pictures of PeeBee at every event we attend.